(Some) Top Tricks to Reach Your Daily Quota as an Overworked Associate

1.  Double Bill:  A favorite to keep your head above water.  While flying to a meeting in New York for one client, you summarize depositions for another client.  Counting time getting to and from airports you can get a good 13 hours on this one – 8 hours of travel to Client 1 and 5 hours of depo review to Client 2.  Of course this is unethical, but just try and catch me.

  • Solution:  Don’t allow travel time at all, or allow at a greatly reduced rate.  That will incentivize your attorney to actually work on your case while flying.   

2.  Conferencing:  Another fave, and if done with gusto, can really run up the tab – who needs the magic of compound interest when you can get 3 or more attorneys all discussing your case at the same time (and, of course, all the juicy office gossip).  Example:  Junior (at $200 per hour), Senior (at $350 per hour) and Named Partner (at $5:00 per hour) meet in NP’s office to discuss your case (and March Madness) for a half hour.  You just got billed $525 and Duke still lost.  Trust me, it is a grind at most firms and the attorneys wander the halls looking for these bill padders, uh, I mean strategy sessions.  You can easily spend 1500 bucks a day while your team of attorneys discusses the NFL Draft, best happy hours, and fights over who gets to attend your next status conference in New York Federal Court (see #1 above).

  • Solution:  Don’t allow conferencing, or at a minimum, only allow one of your horses to bill for these multi-person conferences.

3.  File Review:





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